Monday, March 29, 2010

'04-'08 TSX Useful Maintenance Info

  • Brake Fluid: Honda/Acura DOT3 p/n 08798-9008A
  • Manual Transmission Fluid: Honda/Acura p/n 08798-9031A (2.1qt)
  • Engine Oil: Mobil1 Extended Performance Synthetic 5w-30 (~4.6qt w/filter change)
  • Oil Filter: Mobil1 M1-110 or Honda/Acura p/n 15400-PLM-A02
  • Oil drain plug washer: 94109-14000
  • Door Seal, Sunroof, RSB rubber grease: Shin-Etsu silicone grease p/n 08798-9013
  • Brake slider grease: Honda silicone grease 08C30-B0234M (acura service substitutes super hi temp urea grease p/n 08798-9002)
  • Mainshaft splines and clutch pivots: Honda super hi temp urea grease p/n 08798-9002)
  • Pollen filter: Acura p/n 80292-SEC-A01 or Bosch particulate cabin filter p/n P3875
  • Air filter: '04-'05 Acura p/n 17220-RAA-A00, '06-'08 Acura p/n 17220-RBB-A00

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